Outreach Teams

Our outreach teams bring a unique blend of skills and life experience designed to support people who are members of our street community who are often lacking access to essential health, housing, and support services. Our Pandora Caretakers and Indigenous Outreach Teams offer daily supports to some of the most marginalized members of our community providing services such as:

  • Overdose response, as well as training and education.
  • Harm reduction supplies and safer use education.
  • Assistance to find sheltering and a place to wash and eat.
  • Housing applications and assistance finding housing options.
  • Access to employment opportunities and professional development.
  • Assistance and referrals to secure an income through disability or social assistance benefits.
  • Assistance obtaining identification.
  • First-aid, basic wound care, education, and referrals to health care.
  • Referrals to detox, counseling, peer support, treatment and addictions services.



If you are concerned about someone slipping through the cracks in Victoria, don’t hesitate to connect them to our resources through our drop-in space at 1056 North Park or 926 Pandora.