CAP on Discrimination

The Community Action Plan on Discrimination is a coalition of community based organizations that works to illuminate, advocate and take action to end discrimination based on stereotypes and preconceptions associated with poverty and racialization. Membership is based on involvement and/or representation of organizations that are directly engaged with people who are impacted by discrimination and stigma. Meetings are open to members of the public, and decision-making is restricted to member organizations. Organizations are encouraged to send 1 – 3 action-oriented staff, members and service users as representatives to these meetings.

The mandate is to address social and racial profiling in services in Victoria, in particular health and policing. Read the mandate

SOLID is a founding member, chairing and convening in 2013/2014. Current priorities include reducing discrimination in Good Neighbour Agreement meetings, and advocating for monitoring of social profiling through use of contact receipts by local police services.

CAP on Discrimination Logo

CAP on Discrimination Logo


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