Who we are

Since 2003, SOLID has been committed to providing support, education and advocacy to better the lives of people who use drugs. We are an organization of current or former illicit drug users in Victoria, British Columbia. We challenge personal and systemic injustice by promoting practical harm reduction strategies in our communities and our individual lives.

SOLID believes that housing, access to social supports, a liveable income, and appropriate health care – including access to injection and smoking equipment – is a right. We demand safe places for people who use drugs to be and live, including supervised consumption services in Victoria.

If you use illicit drugs (or used to), you are eligible to be a member of SOLID. SOLID is run by us, for us, and we welcome the support of allies.

We know that for many people poverty, racism, social isolation, trauma, mental health problems and other inequalities are at the root of illicit drug use. We address this reality with empathy, compassion, education, support, harm reduction and acceptance.

SOLID’s board is made up of people who use or have used drugs. The board makes all major decisions for the organization and liaises with our funders. We currently have six board members. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any information.

The history of SOLID is coming soon!

Jack Phillips – executive director.   jack@solidvictoria.org

Mark Willson – operations director.   mark.w@solidvictoria.org

Paige Phillips – health education manager.  paige@solidvictoria.org

Brent Donovan – peer support manager. brent@solidvictoria.org


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