AGM Dec 13, 1 – 3pm

AGM Tuesday Dec 13, 1-3pm

Motions for bylaw changes include:

1/ changing the maximum number of directors: from ‘5’ to “9, a maximum of 2 of whom can be people who do not identify as current or former persons who use drugs. ”

2/ adding a bylaw provision for the removal of a director: “The members may by special resolution remove a Director before the expiration of their term of office, and may elect a successor to complete the
term of office, or, the Board of Directors may, by a 2/3rds majority vote of a quorum of Board members present, excluding the Director in question, remove a Director before the expiration of their term of office for any one of the following reasons:
a. Failing to advise of their absence for two (2) consecutive Board meetings,
b. Failing to attend three (3) consecutive Board meetings,
c. Failing to attend one third of the total number of Board meetings in a 12 month period, or
d. breaching the Directors Code of Conduct as published from time to time by the Board of Directors.
Notice of intent to vote for removal of a Director shall be issued to the Director in question at least 14 days prior to such vote to remove.”

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