4th Convergence by/for People Who Use(d) Illicit Drugs

Peer Convergence Ledger -L (June 16 2015)The Peer Convergence is a one-day, multi-workshop event held at the First Metropolitan Church in Victoria. It is a grassroots initiative focused on community building by and for people who use illicit drugs (PUID) and who face significant marginalization, stigma and barriers to health. Last year, over 50 PUID and 25 health and social service providers came together to learn from each other.

This event is an opportunity for graduates of Street College courses to put their advocacy and teaching skills into practice – all part of building local capacity, and a collective voice for change in regional/national health and drug policy and harm reduction services.

Workshops over the years have included:  safer use, harm reduction 101, supervised consumption services, OD prevention, social profiling

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