Health Education

Peer-led courses on harm reduction, safer use, leadership and presentation skills. Building capacity within our communities to take a leadership role in policy, service delivery and research on health and harm reduction.


On-foot outreach offering clean supplies, peer support and referrals 365 days/year. Also picking up discarded needles while we're at it. Call if you need a pick-up. In-office outreach - drop by 1-3pm for a hot coffee, to pick up supplies, to ask about referrals and our ongoing advocacy.

Advocacy and Peer Support

Regular meetings to share skills and knowledge. Community presentations to educate and build relationships. Working together to reduce stigma and end the war on drugs.

Peer Support Saturdays

1:30 - 3pm. Two Saturdays a month we host a support meeting for people who use(d) illicit drugs. A great chance to meet people and learn more about services and supports in town. Light snacks provided.

Indigenous Women’s Group

Join us Thursdays 3-4pm (except welfare week) * $5 stipend and lack snack provided * Open to all who identify as indigenous women * A safe place to provide support and advocate together on issues that impact us most.
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